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Who am I ?

Karine enchanted 😉

49 years old, mother of 2 grown children aged 22 and 27, I live in the south of France  and 7 years ago in 2014, while I was living in New Caledonia, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer which results in a tumor 8 cm in diameter in the rectum which is the organ that warns you of your desire and you helps you hold back day and night.

Transported urgently to France, I submit to shock treatments which will treat the consequences, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and removal of the rectum. After multiple operations and going through hell, I am healed today.

While the  allopathic medicine treated the consequences by adding the side effects and disastrous treatments, I began to be interested in the causes of the disease and of course in the different natural ways of not relapsing.

Never taking medication, I was already striving for natural health ....

I had to cleanse my body of all these toxic products (chemos, anesthesia, antibiotics), repair the damage caused by the rays, and radically change my life  (diet, physical activities, healthy lifestyle, state of mind, work ...).

I discover  the factors triggering such cancer:

- food  

- lack of physical activity

- hygiene of life  

- polluting factors  

- trauma

- genetic inheritance  

So I decide to find the best natural way to cleanse my body of all these harmful products, to regain health and  live my daily life at best without a rectum.

I then study living and organic food, fasting, naturopathy, blond psyllium, ayurveda, Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation, Tai chi, phytoncides, kinesiology, energies, vital energy, spirituality, iridology, permaculture, food autonomy, bio energetics, hydrology, aromatherapy, and a host of natural medicines in accordance with my convictions and you know what? That works !!!!

A passion is born then for ancestral medicines and the need to share and help other people wishing to take charge, to restore their health and to preserve it by natural solutions to avoid the disease.

Self-taught for 7 years, I continue to discover, study and put into practice all the wonders of nature and their power on the human body!

I share on this blog all these discoveries that I have of course tried and adopted since 2014 before telling you about them.

Of course, the prevention of all kinds of cancer is vital but they still have some progress to make because today, we can no longer set a cut-off age for prevention (like colorectal cancer, analyzes are done from 50 years old! !!) because even teenagers and children develop cancer.

Finally, the most important thing is to realize that it does not happen only to others, that you should not wait to be sick like most people to consult your doctor in case of doubts and make healthy changes. and preventive in terms of overall health to prevent the disease from developing without your knowledge.  

We must trust his intuitions because they are most often founded and justified.

So take charge and welcome to the path to health ....

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See you soon 😃


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